Altrincham & Hale P.S.


Results - Prints - Open Colour Section

1st   John Penny - Ribbon Shading to Blue

2nd  John Penny - Stone Wall, Cumbria

3rd  Joyce Littlewoos - A Lot of Glass to Clean

C     Joyce Littlewood - View Across the Ri

C     John Penny - Stone Enclosure, Teggs Nose

C     John Penny - Clouds over Hale Barns

C     John Penny - Pentre Ifan


Results - Prints - Section People                                              

1st  Joyce Littlewood - The Shoppers

=2nd John Penny - Phone Call

=2nd John Penny - White Wedding, Coach & Horses

3rd  John Penny    - Wait for Me

C  Watching the Trains, Haverthwaite Station

2017-2018 Season

2017 Annual Print Competition Results

Results - Digital Projected Images - Set Subject 

06/10/17 Small Objects 1st Joyce Littlewood 2nd Howard Atkinson 3rd Howard Atkinson

10/11/17 Autumn 1st J Littlewood 2nd H Atkinson, =3rd HA/JP

08/12/17 Water 1st Alan Turner 2nd Howard Atkinson 3rd John Penny

16/02/18 =1st Mike Pell/Mike Pell =2nd H Atkinson, John Penny 3rd Alan Turner

16/03/18  Nature 1st Mike Pell 2nd Mike Pell =3rd Joyce Littlewood, H Atkinson (x2)


Results - Digital Projected Images - Open

06/10/17 =1st Howard Atkinson/Joyce Littlewood/John Penny 2nd Howard Atkinson 3rd Joyce Littlewood

10/11/17 1st John Penny =2nd J Littlewood/H Atkinson 3rd Mike Pell

08/12/17 1st Howard Atkinson 2nd Mike Pell 3rd Jpyce Littlewood

16/02/18 1st Howard Atkinsom =2nd Alan Turner H Atkinson 3rd Howard Atkinson

16/03/18 1st and 2nd H Atkinson, 3rd John Penny


Results - Prints - Set Subject





Results - Prints - Open









Merits Competition

Results - DPI - Section People                                              

1st   Joyce Littlewood - To The Rescue

=2nd  Joyce Littlewood - Beach Game

=2nd   Howard Atkinson - Shoe Shine Parlour

3rd      John Penny - Cartwheeling at Cartmel

C         John Penny - Composed


Results - DPI - Section Nature

1st   Howard Atkinson - Tulips at Dunham Massey

2nd  Howard Atkinson - Blue Winged Kookaburra

3rd   John Penny - Blue Hydranga Flower Head

Results - Prints - Section Record

1st  Joyce Littlewood - Merlion Statue

2nd John Penny - Ely Cathdral

3rd  Joyce Littlewood - Sydney Opera House

C     Joyce Littlewood - Pacific Jewel

C     Joyce Littlewood - Metal Tree Grove

Results - DPI - Section Record

1st    John Penny - Queen Mary II Leaving Liverpool

2nd   Joyce Littlewood - Tasty Meal with Flowers

3rd Howard Atkinson - The Last Vulcan Bomber XH558, Bomb Door Open

2017 Annual DPI Competition Results

Results - DPI - Open Colour Section

1st  Joyce Littlewood - Evening Shadows

2nd  Howard Atkinson - Lowry Theatre

3rd   John Penny - Overgrown

C     John Penny - The Long Man of Wilmington

C     Howard Atkinson - College Entrance

C     John Penny - Algarve Villa

C     John Penny - Norwegian Summer